Thursday, November 15, 2012

"What happens in preschool, stays in preschool."

Back in July, we posted about tyrant teacher, Sharon Turbiak and her terroristic teaching methods in her classroom of 12 special needs 3-5 year olds. If you haven't read that post, or the news articles linked at the bottom, please take a moment to do so.

Earlier this week, Mark Schultz, the administrator of Employee Relations and Public Safety for Livonia Public Schools, who conducted the investigation for Webster Elementary, released the internal report. The details contained within it are shocking, nauseating, and heartbreaking. Back in July, when we first talked about Turbiak and those sweet little boys and girls in her care, we stated that for her to say there was no "inappropriate" behavior in her classroom, by her hands, was accurate. Because the allegations brought against her detail torment, bullying, belittlement, and abuse that is criminal.  We said that the reports weaved a story of a sadistic woman who used her position as a special needs teacher to turn her classroom into an ongoing lesson of fear and tyranny.

We barely skimmed the surface.

The internal report is like something out of a dystopian novel and Turbiak is depicted as the monstrous dictator, her aid, Nancy Respondek, helping spread the terror, so many of her fellow staff members, even as far as the administration, her spineless enablers. They used these children, these innocent, special, different, though not less, children, as their shields, placing them in between themselves and one woman, who should not have had the power that was given to her. The report is long, and each page is more horrifying than the last. Slapping, secluding, pushing, shoving, shaking, dropping, force feeding, restraining, man-handling, encouraging her aides to dole out physical punishment, and emotional and verbal abuse. Over and over again, reports of Turbiak, a woman who chose her profession and was not forced into it, abusing her students, and very few staff members standing up to her, some even appearing to cover it up.

And, still, at the center of this story is not this monster, nor is it the cowards, enablers, and condoners. At the center of all this is the children and their families. The kids who depended on this woman to nurture, support, and teach them. Who relied on the other staff members to help them achieve their goals and the school system as a whole to protect them while in their care. It's about the families who love these kids, whose whole worlds, entire existences, revolve around these children, who have spent their time, money, energy, passion, patience,  everything they have to give to raise these special little human beings and trusted in a system that was supposed to help them, only for that trust to be horrible, unforgivably, inexcusably, betrayed in the worst ways imaginable.

To quote a supporter of these children and their families, who is not directly involved, but heartbroken and enraged over what has happened to them, what Turbiak did and the ones who condoned her actions with their silence and/or cover ups:

Fellow supporters, let's unite to help these families. Everyone involved in knowing about this teacher abusing these children should have been behind bars already. Let's start by telling everyone we know to make one phone call a day to the head of Wayne County in child abuse and neglect division and demand answers and not give up until everyone named in that report are all behind bars. 
We agree wholeheartedly, Mr. M. Silence contributed to the abuse of these sweet little boys and girls. Let's break it. Let's yell from the rooftops we. do. not. agree. We are angry. Upset. Heartbroken. We are devastated for these children and their families. And we want people held accountable. We don't allow hostile animals to roam the streets. We shouldn't let dangerous, cruel, vicious humans who attack the truly defenseless, or those who witness those attacks and do little or nothing at all, walk away from it all with no real consequences for their despicable actions.

See MoreInternal Investigation Report by Mark SchultzHometown Life, Our Original Post on the story.
Phone Numbers of Interest: DHS Protective Service - (313) 396-0300, Wayne County Child Abuse Unit -  (313) 224-5857
Title Quote Spoken by Sharon Turbiak to fellow staff members.


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