Friday, September 7, 2012

If it's happening to Typical kids...

"I wanted to share a story with this group, just in case anyone from Pennsylvania is reading. My sister lives in Cochranville, and her children attend the Octorara Area schools. None of them are special needs. My nieces and nephews, 2 in particular, have had some devastating cases there with the school doing nothing. The first instance, my nephew was touched by a student who was the son of one of t
he school workers, one of the administrators if memory serves me right. The school not only did nothing, but refused to even speak to my sister about what had happened to her son. The principal told her, and I quote, "Once your kids enter those doors [to the school], you lose your rights to them. They're ours now." My youngest niece just began kindergarten this year. On her first day of school, she was yelled at my a teacher's aid and scolded terribly, just for crying because she missed her mommy. My niece was terrified, and was more terrified when she found out her mommy would be going to the school to speak to the teacher. She begged her not to go, but my sister is a head strong advocate for her children. She got into a screaming match with the teacher, and the teacher said that my niece was a liar. My niece has yet to go to school willingly since then. It's been a few days, almost a week, and my sister still has to force my niece to go to school through tears and heartache. 
This kind of treatment and attitude is happening in classrooms that are not special needs, but these kids have the ability to come home and tell their parents what is going on. I URGE YOU, if you are in that area and have children going to a school in that district, please, PLEASE do a surprise check in. Keep a close eye out. It's a rather small school district, smack dab in the middle of Amish country. You would hardly think anything like this would happen there."

As shared by  The Ninja Herself to Cameras in Special Needs Classrooms' Facebook page.

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